Project: Castle, Brandenburg

The beginnings of the castle date back to the 13th century. In the 15th century was carried out an extension of the former castle, the entire system was brought into the present baroque form.

After various uses during the communist era several buildings of the complex was completely renovated, so a guest / Seminar house, an apartment building with 6 residential units and the Schloss-Schänke. The main building of the plant with its 4,000 m² is still not renovated and offers investors the opportunity to complete the lock according to personal needs.

brandenburgThe 60,000-sqm park is handicapped on the public part of the city park and together with the lakeside one unit.

it is only 1 hour away from Berlin and a beautiful Place to live. We can do everthing witch is nesessary to get our Concept done and at the End it will be an awesome Place for all, from the Kids until the Seniors!