Project: Hotel Vialon, Horn

Horn is a little town in the middle of Lippe! it has 10.000 Population, here you’ll find a beautifull Hotel, Hotel┬áVialon.

the next big Town is Paderborn esay to reach by Train or Car 30km away. The “Hof von Kotzenberg” Hotel Vialon was build in 1616 and is on of the oldest Building in the Area. Our Project ” Generationshouse” will then use the Infrastructur of the old Hotel rebuild it and we will be able to get 40 Appartment out of that!

There are also plans to open a Kindergarten and Catering so that the People can use this. One of the best things in case of this Project that is in the middle of town an you can see the Building on the right side of the Picture. All things the resident need are around 100 m.