Multigeneration House

Our Idea is to purchase buildings close to the center of towns in Germany. For example, old hotels, old factory buildings, city centers, castles, etc.

We will be working together with the monument protection in Germany in order to make sure the buildings stay how they used to be.

Our plan it to build apartments for everyone regardless of their age, gender, marital status, education, handicap etc. to live together in harmony.

We will install anything necessary for a good feeling in these houses, including catering, entertainment rooms to watch TV or play games, a small library, a fireplace room, an elevator etc.

Our vision is to bring together different kinds of people to help each other out in times of need or just to enjoy living together, an example could be a mother who needs someone to take care of her kids at home while she is working and an old lady or man who is willing to help could do just that.

A kindergarten and preschool program if part of our mission to help the cities in that case.