USA (Atlanta)

Our projects in the USA

DEVRON GROUP is a diviserfied Real Estate Development, Construction and Management entity with a mission to develop and construct various property types that benefit the health of welfare of Senior Citizens, working parents who are in need of low cost alternativeā€˜s for kinder care or elder care. Additional product type that we will be focusing on is rural markets that are often overlooked by main stream development. Most of these markets qualify for USDA grant or funding guidelines and atypically have the support of the local government.

An integral part of our Vision is to bring people back to the community aspect of living wherein varying age groups take care of one another. Examples would be Seniors in the Senior living complexs could volunteer their time, which has medically been proven to benefit their personal well being and satisfaction for life, by giving time in a day care center for low income working families. These day care centers could be of two different types; 1) pre-school or kindergarden or 2) day care for the elderly where a working family member desires to provide some level of care to their parents in the evenings and just need that bit of help during the day.

Another major part of our Vision is to identify and repositiion existing properties as affordable or unique housing opportunities. These types could be but not limited to historic preservations, old hotels/motels, abandoned schools and apartment buildings.

Our mission

The ITHACA Foundation and its partners are determined to find long term solutions that will improve peoples lives not only today but for generations to come.

Core goals

  • Life on land
  • Less hunger
  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Sustainable communities
  • Good health and well-being
  • Clean water

Our experience

  • We build and nurture long-term relationships
  • We support and promote sustainable growth
  • We continuously look for new opportunities
  • We deliver legal services
  • We give project support